Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bizzeeee Bizzeeee

So much going on!! I am hard at work in the studio, prepping paintings for the Oct. 5th Artswalk and printing some letterpress posters to advertise. And my new Kill Rock Stars tshirts are out!

A tattoo jaguar and a mess of busy bees for your punk-rock t-shirt pleasure! On super-soft paper-thin 50/50 tees.. yummm.

Lately it seems that all my hands want to do is letterpress.. I've been hiding out in Community Print, the unbelievable printmaking co-op that is housed downstairs from my painting studio. There is something so immediately satisfying about setting type; the mechanical pickiness combined with a freedom of graphic design that is magnetic. I've said it before, I need to be working with my hands to be a happy customer!

The show isn't for a while, and I haven't even finished the paintings.. but making the flyers is so satisfying! I really have been painting though.. here's a preview of the new letterpress/acrylic bird experiments that are happening..