Saturday, September 8, 2007

One Hundredth!

Welcome to my 100th bloggg post! Crazy. I started this whole blogging business at the urging of my Poketo friends, Angie and Ted, so that I had some sort of public format to show what I was working on art-wise.. it's morphed into a little more of a peek into my daily world, which coincidentally involves a ton of stuff-making, color-mixing, and paint wrangling. Can I also just randomly talk about how much I'm in love with my studio right now?

Indeed I can, because it's my blogggggg! Weird! I used to think that blogging, livejournal, etc. were purely reserved for narcissistic freakazoids, which is probably at least partly still true, but I've also just really come to love the ritual of taking pictures, recording daily adventures, and then putting it all together in one place. Without all the paperwork that is usually involved..

..because, as you might know, I have way too much paperwork already going on! Plus I have a strange love of typing. I think I may transfer my typing skills to piano someday. It's the same thing, no?

So happy anniversary, Snaz-Bou, and here's to another 100. Clink!