Friday, September 21, 2007


Apologies, once again, for my absence! My tooth, and the upcoming art show, have been keeping me very busy..

..and guess what, today's my bday! I'm going to clean the house, work on paintings, and then eat crab with my friends. And now, eating comes with a very special treat: no tooth pain! I got the root canal yesterday, it was awesome, half an hour in and out, plus a free mousepad. The endodontist seriously made me take it even when I said I didn't need it. And a letter-opener! I think for $1200 I should at least get something I could use.. like a shot of whiskey or a coupon for ice cream or something.

I'm gearing up for the weekend: painting, painting, painting, and then the No Age house show on Sunday. Hopefully my camera will have come back to life by then, as once again the old cybershot3000 is on the fritz!! What gives?