Sunday, November 2, 2008

And Then I Did A Headstand on the Dance Floor!

Yesterday I drove into Shelton, white-knuckling it for a good stretch on the undivided 101 while logging trucks zoomed towards me during a particularly epic afternoon rainstorm. This specialness was waiting for me when I pulled into town:

A double!! Total score. It's been grey and soggy up here, but not without it's own certain beauty. Today J.T. and I discussed that great hypothetical question.. 'if you had to move somewhere in the continental US, realistically, but you could move wherever you wanted, where would you go?'. We both pulled out the immediate gut-responses.. not eastcoast, not midwest. San Diego got tossed around a bit, Flagstaff was mentioned (?!), I rooted for my fave, Portland, and Justin mused on the Central Coast of Cali. Los Angeles has already been crossed off the list. Speaking of L.A., Dia de Los Muertos was all up in our DJ night last night at the QB Lounge.. Justin pulled together a TIGHT set of spooktacular tunes, I dressed up like a sugar skull.

And you know, I have to say.. I think this whole mexi-goth thing is a good look for me! I felt strangely comfortable donning so much raccoon-eye. The black lipgloss though.. that makes eating a Large Peanut Cilantro Salad with Avocado and Tofu a touch on the messy side.