Friday, November 14, 2008

Castle of Solace

Yesterday I re-arranged my studio a bit; I hung a bunch of recent work, grouping it all together on the long wall. And I stepped back, and thought:

1. Hey! That's what the inside of my head really looks like!
2. Mondrian's Tree.
3. Am I turning into a H.Darger type? Obsessive revisits to characters that have backstories/interactions only known to myself?
4. I really need to start painting more tigers. Tigers = FUN.

And 5: I am a creature of extreme habit. I will paint on the floor even though I know it's bad for my back. I will buy the same shoes as last time. I will eat a egg and coffee for breakfast tomorrow. Repeat to infinity. There is comfort in routine. Realizing that you are conservative (and I'm talking in the sense of risk-taking, shaking things up.. not in a social or political sense) can be an awfully strange feeling.