Monday, November 24, 2008

Toast Not Bombs

So I was just google-searching 'how to make my podcast widget look better' because not only do I plan to give you some autumn-style musical treats, but also because I have no idea how to program computers and most default graphics look terrible. I only got as far as googling 'how to make' and I paused on this Top Ten list:

How to make money
How to make a website
How to make out

How to make a toga
How to make a resume
How to make pumpkin seeds
How to make jello shots
How to make a paper airplane

How to make french toast
How to make a bomb

Hmmm. This is the popular ranking of the ten things that Americans desperately need instructions for. I'm so happy that people are wanting to roast pumpkin seeds before building a bomb, but I'm worried about adding togas and jello shots to the mix. As for 'How to make out', well.. that's just sad.