Sunday, December 7, 2008


Bad blogger! Disappearing like that for weeks with no explanation.. I've just been hunkered down at the studio, which is totally looking Mass Rad these days with special office carpeting scraps and a big sturdy work table courtesy of my friend, Young Chad the builder. I kind-of helped with the building: I nailed nails.

This is Scott (human) and Bela (feline). Scott operates Olympia Screen, our town's little silkscreening hive complete with a robotic press that reminds me of the Octopus ride at Lakefair. I paint a portrait of Bela, Scott helps me with screening projects. Olympia is the town of the mighty barter!

This is the process so far: photos, tracing paper sketch, letterpressing, then blocking in the key parts. The best part comes later, in the details.. whiskers and catttttitude!

And P.S.. the Clever Fox shirts are now available in my shoppe, complete with awesome glow-in-the-dark eyes!!