Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cozy Times at Camp Kamilche

There's a monstrous blizzard outside of these walls, and I'm snowbound. I tried mercilessly to maneuver Lil' Dusty (my old toyota) up our steep steep driveway, but to no avail. It was pretty exciting; I felt like I was taking place in a special challenge at the Stuntdriving Academy of Burbank! But after much slipping/sliding and a shoveling workout, it was clear my situation was hopeless. And so here I am, inside our warm little snow-globe, worrying about a million projects I want to finish at my studio by xmas when I should be enjoying all the beauty right outside the window.

We did take a nice walk in the woods this morning, myself all bundled up in a gigantor puffy-jacket. Looking not unlike a human marshmallow mixed with some sort of waterproof pirate (nothing says 'cutting-edge fashion' like rainpants tucked into rubber boots). There were little bits of color, like these rosehips:

And Rosebud was ready for action.. 'Hurry up! Down the snowy roads we go!'

J.T. went x-country skiing in a parking lot last night! I love his dedication to all things outdoors. And here's the No. 1 Snowbuddy, Otis. Special freckleness and all.