Monday, December 29, 2008


J.T. works at one of those old-timey outfitting shops that has a rental zone.. which means having access to a personal (and free) arsenal of XTREME SNOWSPORT gear. So, with a little gentle coaxing, I found myself at White Pass wearing a mish-mash of winterproof clothing and facing down a mountain with a glorified sled strapped to my feet.

Justin had never hit the slopes, I hadn't gone since maybe 1995, so we were a good team. We quickly mastered the bunny run and then I decided that we just needed to go to the very top and take the long way down. And you know what?

I got totally PUMPED! I really forgot how fun whizzing down a hill can be. Justin did really well, although he took some nasty first-timer spills that landed him with a serious case of sore ribs. But he gets the prize for totally going-for-it! And the prize for most awesome apparel: