Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fluffy Fluffertons

It is so crazily beautiful outside my window right now. The biggest, downiest snow-feathers are making their descent onto the already blanketed white bluff, and beyond that the steely grey of Totten Inlet winter waves lap at our shores. That said, this is still a problem:

Lil' Dusty is hanging tough, tucked in for the duration of this strange blizzard us Puget Sounders rarely see. However! I did catch an early ride into town yesterday in J.T.'s Man-Truck©, which temporarily lifted my cabin fever (seriously, I was beginning to grow a beard and have a strange glint in my eye much like a prospector). I finished some super-secret holiday projects, and brought home a batch of letterpressed cards to do some silkscreening upon. Gotta stay busy, especially if I'm going to be socked in for another 3 days. Where's that cognac?