Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowed In: Day 3

The Saga Continues: the forecast for this weekend is snow mixed with showers of mysterious and foreboding 'Ice Pellets', so who knows how long my rural confines will continue! But, we find things to do.. instead of sledding down our impossibly steep driveway on garbage can lids, we opted for a more sound adventure: I channeled my inner Yeti through snowshoes, and Justin worked on his x-country moves. A jaunt through the woods behind our house on a unbelievable sunny, snowy day:

Yeti Feet.


Ok, this is actually a picture of one of the peaks above Ross Lake from last summer's canoe trip, but doesn't it look RAD with the pola-droid treatment? I'm a little obsessed.

Rosebud likes to bury her entire head in snow. She is a very special being.

Another special being. And now we are back at the cozy chalet, toasting the afternoon with Hot Mexican Chocolate Cognac toddies, apres-snowshoe/ski style.

And, because said chalet is a wee bit on the messy side (the occupants of Camp Kamilche are not known for their neat-freakness. Nor are they 'totally gross', they are just distracted artist-types that tend to make piles of paper wherever they go, and also cohabitate with four hairy individuals), instead of an interior shot, you will get another pic of a dog: