Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In The City

Wow. YES. Such a great weekend in San Francisco! I often forget, as a secluded woods-dweller, that I LOVE being in a city. Just for a visit. But man, it so re-charges whatever that is which lives in the core of my being. Sights, sounds, friends, family, friends-who-are-family, burritos, baked goods, culture, dogs, etcetera to infinity (and mostly the amazing community that exists within such a place: this trip re-affirmed to me that it IS possible to really make-it-happen, in a truly punk and caring/inspiring way, while existing in a land of nearly a million). Lying in the grass in Golden Gate Park, infinite blue sky and sunshine above, weaving amongst caged sculptures and prehistoric succulents. Traveling with unlikely companions, camping next to railroads, walking a thousand blocks in a day. And the best surprise? Staying in a part of town I've never experienced, 'Outer Sunset'. Right on the ocean, so beautiful with its wide sidewalks and quiet pastel architecture. Dreamy:

And then today when I got home to Kamilche:

Northwest beauty; a different sort of paradise. But worlds apart.

The whole reason I trekked down was for the Board Aid Benefit! Here's my freshly painted and glassed Paul Jensen hollow wood board, propped up on a stand so people could see PJ's amazing zebra-wood inlay work on the back (sorry no photo of that, I am such a forgetful documentarian!)

Lots of talent in the show, and I met The Nicest People. Good times!

This is Merle. He's kind-of famous in Sunset. He lives with Aleks who helped to organize the show, and where myself and the traveling NW crew stayed for a few days. I LOVE it when I'm on the road and I get to hang with a dog or a cat or a parrot! Merle rules. He's even a movie star.

Merle's dad has an insane tiki collection, this is the bar in the backyard. SO rad!

And here are my traveling companions and fellow craftsmen, Mike and Paul. I can't wait to see Paul's tour diary, since he takes about a hundred pictures a day. Next up = Paul teaches me how to build a paddleboard! Wild.

P.S. I'm so sunburned.