Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This Town


Last night's scene in downtown Oly. All-ages punk action, just like it was 21 years ago, when I (by some miraculous twist of fate) poked my head in the side door at the Capitol Theater. Now we have Northern, a nice little space just off the main drag, run by volunteers who make sure the teenagers and 'aging-juvenile-delinquents' (me + my friends) still have a place to play and watch. Pretty cool. The picture above is of Hysterics, they are crazy rippers. Stephie, the singer, turns into some sort of feral wildcat when she has the mic, its really quite a sight. We're going to make a new band together! If I was a teen mom, I could be her mom, so this should be especially interesting and fun.

Spider and The Webs played a bunch of new songs, sorta dreamy reverbed-out jangle with Tobi's melodies, really really great. Their cover of Some Velvet Sidewalk's 'Dinosaur' was super cool. Bongo Randy showed up, and he can totally groove, man. Chris gave me a painting! James showed us all a killer new dance. Imagine teens and 40 year olds wiggling our legs around in some kind of free from dance-art. Hilarious. I love this town. Weirdo punks everywhere.