Monday, March 5, 2007

Nature Notes

I saw the cutest thing in front of my house today: a little squirrel carrying a big orange back to it's tree. We only have one squirrel in our neighborhood, which is odd, but he sure must be a healthy little guy.

Then I saw this, under the tree, on the sidewalk:

Ever since the African Chimpanzees started to make weapons, I've been wondering if the full-fledged animal revolt could be far off. Apparently squirrels are developing opposable thumbs, and yesterday a moose made the ultimate sacrifice while trying to kill a research helicopter.

On an unrelated Animal Arts note, our dog Otis once sculpted what is now infamously known as 'The Bread Slipper'. This picture shows what we found after returning home from an evening out a few years back:

He also writes poetry while we are sleeping.