Friday, April 20, 2007

Eagles vs. Seagulls

Otis loves sunbeams. He also smiles with his mouth closed, like a person. And he looks, sometimes, just like a giant baby seal.

Meanwhile, over at headquarters, my new Poketo wallets had a very glamorous photoshoot!

Buyolympia is the reason I am able to paint all day. They sell my shirts, zines, wallets, bags, stickers, buttons, and cards. Buyolympia is Aaron and Pat, they also design shipping software and run the Iron Maiden online store. And they use their frequent flyer miles to go to Reno just to eat burritos..

I have to interrupt myself to report an amazing Puget Sound moment! I just saw two seagulls angrily chasing a bald eagle outside of my window!! Take that, Sun Valley.

So, as I was saying, Buyolympia basically rules and Aaron never fails to amaze and astound. For example, his fancy computer was running really slow, and then he showed me how many things he was working on:

Insanity! I still don't really even know how to use my cell phone.. like the call waiting, why do I always hang up on people?? I am technologically challenged, which might be a good thing. It frees me up to investigate things like this:

..and find things like this: