Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Five Questions

I decided to start asking inspiring friends 5 random questions. They could, in turn, ask me 5 back. This experiment is inspired by Amra Brooks, she had us interview each other the first time we met.

Today's interviewee is Stefan Simikich: photographer, bike enthusiast, surfer, former Olympia resident now hanging on the mean streets of San Francisco. He is one of the founders of the epic photozine Hamburger Eyes. He also painted my parents' house.

1. Do you have a recurring dream or nightmare?
-This person talks to me, its weird, but I think they are right?

2. Describe a friend you had in fourth grade.
-Nicky Nicolulitz. He wore this navy blue windbreaker everyday. He never talked. He had a runny nose for years. He would wipe his snot from his nose using his jacket arm. The coat of dried snot on his jacket was thick and solid!

3. Do you have a favorite smell?
-First rain

4. Pretend you have written a memoir of your life story. what is the title?
-I'm not dead yet fuckers.

5. List 5 jobs you have had.
-"work is for people that don't know how to surf"

Questions for Sarah:

1.If you had to kill someone or die, who's going down?
-This is a terrible question. Every answer makes me feel like an awful person. Let's just say that I believe completely in non-violent conflict resolution, but am also unbelievably scrappy from being on the receiving end of my brother's misdirected anger for a number of years.

2.Would you rather time travel into the future? or the past?
-The idea of time travel in general gives me anxiety, but if I could blink my eyes and be anywhere instantaneously, as a fly on the wall, I would love to go back to pre-European North America and observe rituals of the Northern Coast people. The tribes that have the incredible animal masks.. Kwakiutl.

3.Have you ever slammed the hatchback on your mom's Honda Civic at a party at the Phoneix House, and had an amp in the back, and had one of the corners' sticking out too much and broke the whole rear window in one clean sweep?

4.An alien landed and is cool. He wants to do something fun. What fun would you show him?
-Snorkeling on the Big Island, punk show in Olympia basement, chili in Cincinnati, Valley Game Night, and dancing at La Cita.

5.What's on heavy rotation right now?
-Donny Hathaway's live version of 'Jealous Guy', homemade pizza, dogs, The Mona Reels 'Son, You've Fallen in Love', Puget Sound vistas, missing my friend Sam.