Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rainbow Connection

I'm not sure what is contained within this fence, but it seems pretty obvious to me that I am meant to live here!:

It's as if whoever built it had a conversation with my 6-year-old, 1981 self and asked me to design my dream fence. I'd be like 'dream fence? ok' and then this rainbow-S-rainbow creation is what would have appeared. But with unicorns and penguins behind it.

On a random note, I read this excerpt from Miranda July's forthcoming book of short stories, 'No One Belongs Here More Than You', and it looks good. I like the website she made for it, too.

And, because it's Earth Day, a reminder about coffee cup pollution: 39 billion disposable paper and polystyrene coffee cups are thrown away in the U.S. each year. International Paper estimates that the 14.4 billion conventional paper coffee cups alone, put together end-to-end, would circle the earth 55 times.. what's your contribution? Check out this quick Coffee Waste Calculator.