Thursday, July 12, 2007

High Kicking Over the Psychic Rainbow

The Cuteness Express blew into Olympia this week.. look who showed up in the studio:

Jane Paik (aka Janet Pants) and Anna Huff (aka Anna Oxygen)! And of course, Anna is randomly holding a dolphin wearing a tiny sailor's hat; now I know everything is right in the world. They're here to teach Loopgirls, a radical day-camp where young girls learn to make synthesizer bands and shoot music videos. I helped Anna out last year at the Seattle camp, and it was intense! One group of girls wrote a 5-minute psychedlic space jam called 'Enter the Endless Mind'. Yup.

Anna and Jane staged a crazy impromptu show at Manium on Tuesday.. unfortunately my camera was not cooperating. I'm thinking of investing in a new digi-cam.. I really love my Carl Zeiss lens, but the body/electronics of the '05 cybershot are pretty weak. Any suggestions? I'm in the $300 and under range.