Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hippie Remedies:1, Sinus Infection:0

Last week, Sinus Infection #5 of 2007 started coming on.. right when my art opening was happening. I decided to really get serious, buckle down, and go completely, full-on hippie in the battle against the phlegm. I know that at the root (no pun intended) of this infection is my broken tooth, which I promise to deal with in the next 30 days.. extraction is looking like a more pleasant option than a root canal. Sadly, it's also in line with my no-dental-insurance oral health plan. But the broken buddy is in the back, next to my grown-in wisdom tooth, so maybe that little guy can take over when necessary chomping is required. (Notice my lifelong problem of assigning identities and personalities to inanimate objects, in this case: molars).

I know I'm about to get whopped by a sinus infection when my gland below my right temple, in front of my ear, swells up like a marble. I went to the local incense/goddess journal/bulk herb megacenter and gathered my weapons:

1. The Neti Pot. Like a miniature gravy boat for your nose. This thing absolutely rules! I feel like my nasal passages are opened up to the size of Sharpies, whereas before they felt more pencil-sized. Does this make sense?? Plus, it's kind-of hilarious and bizarre to watch. I only wish I looked as glamorous as the Neti Pot model lady:

2. Oil of Oregano. And vegi-capsules to put the oil in for more pleasant swallowing. Seriously, do not put this stuff directly under your tongue.. I made that mistake while driving home and I nearly swerved into oncoming traffic: It Burns. It's a natural antibiotic, and it's working!
3. Apple Cider Vinegar, w/ the mother. I've been taking a 1/4 cup in the morning and at night. ACV is, as you probably know, the biggest folk-style cure-all for just about anything.
4. Bikram Yoga. I go 4 times a week and sweat out about a gallon.
I'm not sure which of these things is doing the trick, but it's working! Within about two days from the onset of the infection, I feel great. The swelling of my gland has gone way down, and my symptoms are pretty much gone. I've never, ever had these kind of results without having to take an antibiotic!! It's so exciting to me, and I just wanted to share in case anyone else is going through chronic sinus probs. Thanks to Jessie Frances for the oil of oregano tip and Deanna M. for the Neti Pot advice!