Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Waterproof Sunscreen and Glue

It's dumping. Pouring. Raging. Soaking. It's summer in the Northwest! You never know what you'll get.. why, just yesterday I was happily planning to go to the drive-in theater tomorrow to watch the exploding robot-fest that is Transformers, and now today I find myself wondering where I stashed the umbrella. Typical!

I took a little survey on how the soggy weather was effecting everyone:

Stargazers: Stoked.

Woodroses: Jazzed and Pumped.

Otis: Sad, sad, sad. Emotis.

Rosebud: What he said, and then some. Remosebud.

Just last night, we were maxing/relaxing on the deck and grilling out with guests Anna and Jane! Delicious good times:

And yoga-master/body-alligner Jane gave out free adjustments and taught us all some new moves..

..the evening concluding with me mounting all of my paintings onto stretched canvases at 1 a.m., an absurd process that involves heavy gel medium, a foam brush, ridiculous amounts of books, a rolling pin, a credit card, and glassine paper. I might have a touch of the crazy running through me by the time the show launches on Thursday:

See you at the opening!