Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Brief Glance Inside

Things to think about:
1. Tom Tierney's steady hand.
2. Broken teeth graduating into infections that slowly eat one's brain.
3. Should Ambesol/Orajel be illegal, is it possible to overdose, what would happen if a large amount slipped down one's throat, could you swallow? breathe?
4. Advertisements that litter the back pages of Smithsonian magazine; poke-boats, beau-ties, etc.
5. Toner quality at Kinko's.
6. Puncture wounds and Elizabethan Cones.
7. Renaissance Faire Elizabethans; their awesomeness and dedication to high collars/stoicness.
8. Another one of my inventions has been stolen/brought to fruition without my efforts: the dog DNA test.
9. Spinal columns that somehow host repressed emotional trauma: WTF???
10. How many barnacles total live on a 12-foot-square area of Little Skookum Inlet; the similarities between this calculation and the classic jar-of-jellybeans; why I would want to calculate such a thing.
11. Are blue herons crabby?
12. Underwater post offices.
13. What to eat for dinner tonight.
14. Pantone color charts; the legality/concept of owning color.
15. Avacado-shaped guacamole holders.
16. I'm Alan Partridge, Season Two