Thursday, June 21, 2007


Today I had special guests at the studio, so I swept up all the paper scraps and masking tape piles. My efforts did not go unnoticed!

Look, it's Gary and Austin (and Sarah, whose face accidentally got cropped) from Sasquatch Books in Seattle! We had a little pow-wow about project ideas.. it was all pretty exciting.

Here's everyone over at headquarters.. Sasquatch published two of Nikki McClure's books, which Buyoly sells. We went out for tacos and Aaron told us about the time in high school he tried to hire a private detective, to find out what happened to his favorite S.F. burrito joint that mysteriously went out of business. A private detective!! This is the kind of fodder which would have been perfect for a television teen-drama about four 15-year-old friends (and one hesher named Cliff) who live in the bay area.

Did I mention that my friend Deanna and I wrote such a television show? And that it went all the way to the HBO executives, complete with a fancy meeting, until it ultimately met it's demise.. these were the kind of weird things that happened in L.A.

In painting news, my show was a rad success, with 7 of 8 pieces sold!! There's still time to adopt the last little pink owl buddy; the show runs through July 1st. I'm working on a new series for a Tacoma show, July 20th.. more details to come soon. Also, today is the 'official' release of my Poketo wallets at! Sweet. And I have one word for what's on the horizon, and being printed in Port Angeles as we speak: Guybrarians.