Sunday, June 10, 2007

Emphatic Punctuation Ahead

We had a wicked rainstorm on Friday.. the Northwest is all about bringing you a nice, grey rainy day just when you think that summer has finally arrived. Btw, I finally learned how to put italics into my blog, which could seriously be a problem! I mean, I'm already addicted to exclamation marks, but now I can finally emphasize my thoughts and actions with extra, extra specialness.


On account of the soggy day, it only seemed appropriate to watch this Jacques Demy masterpiece:

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg! How could I have not seen this movie before? It's like a technicolor dreamland.. even if you hate both the French and musicals, I bet you will still love this flim. Especially if you've ever been a desperately in love 17-year-old.. but it's so, so sad. I must warn you. Speaking of great movies, I just saw this one the other week:

Babydoll! Starring Carroll Baker (unbelievably beautiful, amazing accent) and Eli Wallach (I have fallen in love with Eli Wallach all over again)..


The rainstorm also delivered this beauty, the wild roses in our garden:

Talk about your technicolor dreamland!