Sunday, June 3, 2007

Notes from the Valley

I haven't been taking many pictures lately.. somehow, I managed to miss the Shelton Forest Festival, complete with a 'Logging Show', which would have been perfect for documentation! As it is, I've mostly been sitting in our little house, looking out onto the Puget Sound and reading books (btw, thanks for all the fiction suggestions!), which doesn't make for very enthralling photos. There was the Great Humongous Gigantor Sinus Infection 2007 which is finally on it's way out thanks to the old amoxicillin (bromelain and oregano oil tried their best, but they were no match), and that led to about two weeks of couch-dwelling and nose-blowing.

So I dug through the archives of last year, and found some favorites. Evidence of What Was Going On in my life before this blog. There was skywriting, a horse, joshua tree, tigerlillies, wynne, and halloween...