Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Loom of Sam

How have I been? Popping. This is according to the Thesaurus, as I'm feeling bored with the word 'busy'; rather, I've been bustling, energetic, full, fussy, hectic, humming, hustling, lively, restless, strenuous, tireless, tiring. I've been out of the cyber-loop as none of my recent adventures seem quite 'blogworthy'.. there's been a lot of time spent letterpressing at Community Print, making new tiny silkscreens for future experiments, designing logos for a lady skate-snow-surf company, shipping paintings to their new homes, and also my new part-time job as flyer-maker for local drinking hole The Brotherhood. I love being the flyer lady. Perhaps one of my favorite jobs that dosen't really seem like work at all; more of a play-time at Kinko's, hogging one of the dwindling b&w copiers for a good couple of hours, sizing/resizing/cutting/pasting, fending off the normals who want to xerox mountains of bills and forms.

Back at the house, we chop wood:

And just when I was getting a little bored with the whole idea of bloggggs, here comes Sam Mcpheeters to liven things up! He just launched Loom of Ruin, kicking things off with a Sam-style review of Van Halen at Staples Center in L.A.. a must read.

Sam, among other responsibilities like running Vermiform and ghost-writing lyrics for hardcore bands, makes crazy/great art. He has an online shop on Buyolympia.com, where you can purchase this little gem:

Or his new zine, 'Patrons of the Cha Cha Lounge and Their Drinks'

Speaking of art, I finished three paintings that will be magically transformed into wallets for Poketo! They're re-workings of pieces from my last show, painted to be friendly with the rectangular dimensions of a wallet..

Re-painting can be quite informative, and definitely interesting/fun. You revisit all the imperfections of the first piece and try to make them work the second time around. You get to know your characters a little better. It's like Mondrian's tree.. he spent 40 years repainting this:

Into this: