Thursday, November 1, 2007

World Music, People.

Have I ever mentioned that I am a punk rocker? To the core. But I'm finding my musical interests in recent years have taken a turn away from what's-goin-on stateside (i.e. I'm not sure I've ever heard The Arcade Fire, Feist, et al, unless through aural osmosis while walking through a record store) and toward a whole giant world full of amazing sounds.

Last night I went to Seattle to see Tinariwen play. Another type of punk band, formed in 1982 in Moammar al-Qadhafi's camps of Tuareg rebels. A group of Saharan nomads, the first Tuareg said to use electric guitars, writing songs calling for political awakening and demands of sovereignty. And, let it be said, quite simply, they JAM. It's the real deal.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of these types of head-ornaments worn by the mostly whitey audience:

Hippie tams? Guatemalan touks? Sara Lund determined the best all-encompassing term was the non-specific ETHNO-HAT©. Kind of like the one this guy is wearing:

I mean, seriously, nice outfit! What a joker!

ed. note: just realized that guy is my boyfriend. in costume at the ren-fair. whoops.

ed. note #2: also just realized that my identification of 'stateside' au currant indie bands were exclusively Canadian. double whoops.