Monday, November 12, 2007

Scorpio, Inc.

'Tis the time of the Scorpio! This weekend we had a major installment of Scorp-on-Scorp bday action..

..first up, it's Justin's bday! I LOVE getting presents for people. I have often dreamed of acquiring large piles of cash, only to be spent on people I adore.

Otis also loves presents. He gets very excited when he sees items wrapped up in paper and tissue.

He must help unwrap! Otis is oddly talented at opening gifts, though one has to monitor his enthusiasm so that the actual present itself does not end up getting ripped apart in the process.

All this tearing and gift-giving really works Otis up. He channels his excess excitement into handing Rosebud a swift beat-down of his favorite style: whisker-nibbling.

Our dogs are very, very strange. Otis has eaten all of Rosebud's whiskers. She only has small whiskery nubs now, which Otis makes sure to keep very trim. I think it's his way of shaming her. Keeping her in her lower pack position. Although, being a weirdo herself, Rosebud seems to find this whisker-nibbling business very, very relaxing. Soothing. Her eyes kind-of glaze over and it's as if Otis is giving her a wonderful foot rub. Freaks.

Another Scorpio! Dave Stone, live and direct from Los Angeles. Dave is our wonderful friend. We lived in his Sun Valley home during our L.A. stint. He is on a west-coast modular synth tour, driving a P.T. Cruiser up and down I-5, imparting astrological knowledge and playing little-known venues in Bremerton, Forestville, and beyond. Hi Dave!

See you in February!