Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sexy is the New Sexy

Where have I been?

What have I been doing?

Watching giant salmon flop around in Totten Inlet on their long journey through the Sound and up the Deschutes to spawn. Walking around in the woods. Tending to more dog wounds, this time a hearty slice through Otis' soft polar bear ear, inflicted by one of three suspects (Rosebud, or neighbor pups Sola and Toby?) who all seem pretty innocent. Discussing the words 'splatter' vs. 'spatter' in a forensics context. Listening to my favorite radio show, IDEAS, on cbc radio or sirius satellite radio, everyone should listen to this show, it's on every day for an hour and is always fascintating; i've learned about the history of polio, women abalone divers of korea, the steam engine's impact on industrial England, Newfoundland's icebergs, and this week there is the best lecture series ever by Alberto Manguel. I can't even really begin to explain it.. he's some sort of historian/anthropologist/genius that manages to start with the epic of Gilgamesh and weave it into mulitculturalism, dr.jekyll/mr.hyde., Tony Blair's attempt to mandate 'Britishness' upon all citizens of England, and then brings it right back to the story from which he started. TUNE IN!

And check this out: The city of S.F. is biting my style! For a good cause, so I can't really complain. But I do think it's pretty funny. Who knew that a little tshirt design I made one afternoon at a Kinko's could morph into a city-wide marketing campaign? Thanks to my pal Stefan for the heads-up.