Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Check it out! I posted a photo diary thingy over on the Poketo blogg here, to celebrate the release of my new wallets and print.

Today I'm off to the copy shop to make a flyer for an upcoming Pierced Arrows show, and then I need to find some new flip-flops because I'm off to L.A. tomorrow and it is SUNNY!

I will be:
1. eating 5 pounds (give or take) of guacamole
2. hugging all my pals
3. visiting the Poketo HQ
4. going to the DSS/No Age show
5. dancing at Part Time Punks?
6. hiking at Griffith Park
7. free thursday at MOCA!
8. haircut
9. culver city art safari
10. main library branch downtown, brand library in glendale
11. baklava!