Friday, October 3, 2008

Hoot Nanny Hoot!

My camera is busted! Lame. It's still suffering from some sort of post-camping malaise. But! Mariella was sweet enough to lend me her camera for the week, so i could do a little photo-diary thing for Poketo, all about my new art show that's opening tonight!

HOOTENANNY! There are three of these tambourines.. penguins, swans, owls. Plus five other paintings. If you're in Olympia, please come to the opening tonight! It's at Room 30, 408 Washington Street. 5 - 10 pm, and did I mention there will be complimentary HOT NUTS?! That's what I'm talkin' about..

Out of this mess comes the HOOTENANNY!

Yeah, the Stevie Nicks lady from a few posts back definitely inspired me. Hope to see you tonight! And a big P.S. and Thank You to Design for Mankind, which featured my owl wallet today on their awesome blog!!