Sunday, October 26, 2008

Winos Forever

Yesterday J.T. and I trekked to Mt. St. Helens.. it was a perfect day.

We went to a special 'Volunteer Appreciation' thingy to celebrate Justin's summer work.. 143 hours of volunteer Mountain Stewarding! Here's Mt. Adams, peaking over the fog:

On the way home, we stopped by a winemaking party for the micro-winery that is Deux Punx:

Aaron and Dan! Here we have Adam and Brandt sorting the syrah grapes that those winos trucked back from Eastern Washington (note Brandt's ability to multi-task by texting and sorting simultaneously)..

Morgan, my old neighborhood pal from the 70's-80's, is cranking the squisher/crusher machine:

I remember being really, super bummed in 1984 that I didn't get to go to Purple Rain with Morgan and my brother Erik and all the older boys for Morgan's birthday. It was Prince! And rated R!

And here's Aaron, une de les deux punx. Oui! Trois ans de l'ecole francais et je suis tres mal! J'ai faim.