Friday, October 24, 2008

We Support Our Vets

So, as is the usual around here, we've had some visits to the emergency vet lately.. our pets HEART going to the doctor in the middle of the night!

The good news is, everyone's fine now. Ringo has a shaved hind end, much like a baboon, that he is parading proudly. Be glad I am giving you the side view. He had a whopper of an abscess hiding under that fur and a temperature of 104! Poor guy. A week later, and he's cone-free. Back to his ways as a stealthy rodent killing machine. Just heads and stomachs on the welcome mat every morning, the rest is apparently a tasty snack.

And then there's this guy! Still stuck in cone-land as he managed to remove part of his front paw's pad through obsessive licking/chewing.. OUCH! Now he has a cone, a sock, and a ridiculous baggie (sometimes Grocery Outlet for a touch o' class) rubber-banded around his foot for our daily walk in the woods.


I've found that the best way to keep Otis happy in this situation is to blast the new Metallica, remove his cone, and let him go bonkers on a raw bone. Video to be uploaded shortly.