Thursday, January 11, 2007

Postal delights

These two things came in the mail:

This is pretty cool.. it's a kit where you can make mini-silkscreens without messing around with chemicals and emulsion. The screens come pre-coated with light-sensitive material, then you stand outside in the blazing southern california sunshine for a few minutes and develop your stencil. If you live in the pacific northwest, you wait until august or use a lightbulb indoors. I'll be posting the results of my silkscreening experiments... you can order a kit here.

This made me really happy.. my pals Sam and Tara sent it all the way from Australia, where they are most likely hugging kangaroos and throwing boomerangs. do you know about Sam Mcpheeters? you should.. check him out here and don't forget to go shopping in his little store. there's some super-cool stuff for dirt cheap, including my Guitar Basics zine.