Monday, January 22, 2007

Transcending the Mall

Last night I went to the mall in Hollywood. Inside the mall there is a giant theater, the Kodak theater, where they film the Oscars. I waited in line for my free ticket, and found a seat. The lights dimmed, and this man appeared:

David Lynch is on tour with Donovan. Yup. Donovan, the 'hurdy-gurdy' troubadour. They have come together to promote the awareness of, and discuss, transcendental meditation. David Lynch answered questions from the audience, fielded by Laura Dern and accompanied by an improvisational Polish pianist. He mostly talked about diving into the great unified field, the ocean of consciousness, as a ticket to meaningful creativity and bliss. The best part was when someone asked him about his childhood in the northwest; he became very happy and said this:


These are the strange, excellent things that happen when you live in the Weirdoland that is Los Angeles. I'll miss it a little when i move back north in a few months. To the land of pine-sawing.

Next up was Donovan. He was wearing a very agreeable looking ensemble of a paisely velvet loose-fitting shirt and matching 'comfy' pants. His guitar was green with a little sticker of a deer on it. These are the details I observed while watching the flat-screen jumbotron above the stage. It was kind of like I was watching a pbs special on tv, but sitting in a big fancy theater. Then a man announced that it was, indeed, a pbs special, and we were all being filmed! I finally made it onto pbs!

Donovan's voice was really good. He took us on a magical trip through the 60's and then time-traveled right up to his new record, which I'm not sure was a good idea. Although some amazing artwork appeared on the jumbotron with the title of his new album underneath: Ritual Groove. yes.

The most hilarious part of all of this was watching Anna, on my left, gleefully singing along to the hits and then turning to see Justin, on my right, with a semi-scowl of disapproval. I think I'm supposed to insert something witty about the unified field here, but I'll spare you.