Monday, January 29, 2007

The Restless Virgo

I've been really restless since giving up my studio space downtown. I always feel like if I'm not painting every day, then I'm wasting my time.. total Virgo guilt. For instance, if you asked me what I did today I'd probably say 'Tried to go to the library, but it was closed. Bought some chard'. Upon further review though, I realized I did all this stuff:

First, I got up and made Valentine's cards for people that I love. Then, right when I was about to take this picture, some sort of crazy earthquake hit! Like one of those weird ones where it feels like a meteor crashed onto your roof, and then it's over. I got really nervous and took a shower, which I realized is something I often do to ease anxiety. Interesting.

Then I decided to go to one of my favorite places, the Brand Library, to return some books. The Brand is situated at the base of the Verdugo Hills right where Burbank meets Glendale, and there's all these cool hiking trails above.. this amazing statue is located at the base of the trail. I love it so much that I want to take it with us when we move.

I forgot that the library is closed on Mondays, so I decided to go on a nice hike instead (somewhere secretly wondering if I was going to be at the top of the hill looking down on the entire San Fernando Valley when The Biggest Earthquake in History hit). Unfortunately there was some vaguely creepy dude hanging out on the trail, wrapping and unwrapping this long piece of cloth around his wrist, so I skipped the hike as I was solo and without a dog. I went across the library grounds to this beautiful japanese garden and tea house, and imagined what it would be like to have my birthday party there. Except I won't live here anymore when it's my bday, so then I got all nostalgic in advance.

Next I ventured into Glendale, to go to Kinkos and run off a bunch more Guitar Basics zines. A super rad shop and website in the UK, 'Lady Luck Rules Ok', ordered a bunch-- hooray! I really want to make a Painting Basics one too, that's on the horizon in the Projects To Do pile. While I was looking for the machine with the best toner, I managed to create paper jams in 6 of the 7 copiers.. that's just my style.

And finally, thee awesome Mallory of featured my owls today on her site, thank you Mallory!