Saturday, January 20, 2007

Spotlight on: The Psychic Soviet

Oh, Spiv... your book is magic.

Have you read the Psychic Soviet? Its small and pink. Its intended for 'street use'. It is, in my opinion, a masterpiece; a collection of 18 essays which weave together art, music, culture, the cold war, vampirism, psychological geopolitics, beverages, seinfeld, swedish girls and brilliant humor. Ian Svenonius is a cultural critic who abhors the culture of criticism, a smartypants who stresses his book is not to be confused with so-called 'academia': 'Instead, it is a kind of free verse, outside of science or respectability and at liberty to flaunt its diabolical exhumations on its user'.

Personally, I've never understood why Ian has received so many jabs over the years during his role as dynamic frontguy for Nation of Ulysses, the MakeUp, Weird War, et al.. he's always struck me as a very down-to-earth, hilarious, and geniunely rad person. Also a snappy dresser.

You can order the Psychic Soviet for $12 ppd from