Tuesday, January 9, 2007


San Pedro did not dissapoint. We walked through the semi-deserted downtown and pointed to all the salty old sailor bars.. S.P. seems to have the highest ratio of dives per square mile that I've ever encountered, more even than Olympia. This one, 'Tommy's Club', looked pretty promising; however, it was 4 pm and Janet Jackson's 'Nasty' spilling out to the sidewalk from the jukebox did not sweeten the deal. We kept walking.

Down to the waterfront, past the Crusty Crab (yum)..

..to a place that had stuff like this mounted on their wall. I used to have nightmares as a kid about giant sea spiders living in a murky ocean world that existed only under escalators.

We ate fish n' chips and scallop tacos and headed up the hill to the Temple Beth-el, where Justin's philosophy professor was giving a lecture on Symbology, as it pertains to the Christian and Jewish versions of history. Call me ignorant, but most of my knowledge of western religion comes from stuff like this:

..and this:

Which, by the way, I highly recommend.. Mr.Heston wears a jaunty ascot and rows a boat while discussing the creation story.
So, as the lecture continued, and the Professor became more and more wildly possessed by hebrew mis-translations and the icons of Mt. Sinai (he actually reminded me a lot of George Carlin crossed with a southern evangelical preacher, but wearing a yarmulke and speaking w/ a bronx accent), I got a little lost. I started counting how many rad old people in the room were wearing hearing aids, and noted the different styles and sizes. Tomorrow I'm going to Palm Springs with my pal Sam, so we'll see what happens there!