Sunday, January 14, 2007

Time machines/Smoke machines

Weird things happened today. My friend Jessica and I were extras in a movie about the Germs, called 'What We Do is Secret'. They were filming in a beautiful old Elks Lodge in the town of San Fernando, which is the oldest town in all of the San Fernando Valley.. it's super quaint. We put on these costumes:

You can't really see it here, but Jessica is wearing a beret.

I think maybe I look more like an extra from a Motley Crue documentary.

We joined up with these people:

...and this guy was there, too, for a touch of authenticity:

We did stuff like this:

...while the smoke machine went off and the camera dude did his thing. We were supposed to be at the old LA punk club, 'The Masque'. Jessica and I noticed that we were about 10 years older than everybody else. Everybody, that is, except these guys:

..the riot squad showed up to subdue the 'crazy' Masque audience. We pretended to watch the Germs and then had to turn around and battle the cops. The guy on the far left runs In The Red records. Cue more smoke.

Really, the coolest thing about the shoot was poking around in the lodge. There was an amazing old-man bar with caricatures of distinctive Elks lining the wall. The guy on the far right is my favorite:

Here he is again, down the hall!

These colors made my pupils freak out, in a good way: