Thursday, May 24, 2007


I smell summer.. and you know what that means:

Short hair time!!

I got a bunch whacked off today. It feels good to purge.

Summertime at Kamilche also means reading on the deck.. lots of reading..

..I was reading non-fiction and magazines for so long that I kind of went crazy and binged out on fiction. Bestsellers. Book club reads. Basically, whatever I could find on the shelf at the Shelton thrift store (which isn't much, unless you're into romances or cats that solve mysteries). This is the pile I have read in the past two months! There were some standouts, and some clunkers. Highly Recommended: 'Reservation Blues' by Sherman Alexie and 'The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay' by Michael Chabon. 'Dogs of Babel' was good also.. but sad. And 'The Bird Artist' by Howard Norman! The language is totally sparse and hilarious, and if you're a word-nerd like me, you'll love the characters' names: Orkney, Alaric, Fabian, etc. Does anyone else have fiction suggestions? Send them my way! Also, if you know of any home remedies for sinus infections, I'm working on my 3rd one this year. I've been taking bromelain as suggested by a naturopathic text.. I'm beginning to wonder if this is related to my broken tooth??