Sunday, May 20, 2007

Searing, Ripping, Blistering

Back in high school, we used to call these types of guys 'hair farmers':

That's David Scheid and J. Mascis. The Scheid is managing Dinosaur Jr. on their world tour, and yesterday they were in Olympia! I've been listening to the new D-Jr. record a lot, thanks to the configuration of my studio-- it lives above Phantom City Records, so I jam along with whatever they're into.. and lately it's been a lot of J. and Company. The only way I can describe the guitar work on that record is BLISTERING. Although I've also considered ripping, searing, shredding, and 'like a helicopter landing on your head'.

We hung out in my studio and sure enough, the record store started playing the Dinosaur album. They can't get enough!

David and I fell in love sometime around the peak of Ricky Martin's hit 'Livin' La Vida Loca'. I remember, because I mailed him the cassingle. That was years ago. We were talking yesterday about the amazing connectedness of the universe, how so many of the same, seemingly unrelated people are woven in and out of both of our lives. And how there are four billion atoms in a sugar cube. About the controversy surrounding Hot Yoga, and how many inches per hour the tide can fill up an inlet without you even noticing, until it's full.

David, good luck with your travels, and come visit this summer!