Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Secret of the Whispering Bivalve

Everything is growing.. our front garden is completely consumed with mint and strawberries, while the poppies find room to spring up here and there. My walk around Kamilche shores this morning yielded native flowers in shades of pink and purple:

Columbine.. delicate and pointy at the same time! An old legend says that lions ate columbine in the spring to gain extra strength.

The rhododendron is the state flower of Washington. They're everywhere! People are infatuated with them. They make me feel like I'm living on a lush tropical island. I have just uncovered an interesting factoid: honey produced from bees feasting on Rhododendron produces both a hallucinogenic and laxative effect.. hmm.

The best part of the walk is always when we get to The Big Field. It looks like it used to be an orchard, and is always well-manicured, though I have no idea who it belongs to. Perhaps the mysterious Taylor family, whose name appears on a multitude of mailboxes along the road. I want to write a Young Adult book series that takes place in Kamilche, about a girl and her dog who solve mysteries: canoes, haunted islands, and evil shellfish tycoons abound.. I'll keep you posted. Anyhow, when we get to the field, I get to watch the best thing ever: a dog who was on the brink of death 9 months ago, running full speed ahead, happy and healthy.

Oh yeah, I also bought art!! From Eric Fleming, who lives in Olympia. He made this beautiful papercut of an old oak tree on Legion Way that was chopped down a few years back: