Thursday, May 17, 2007

Full Spectrum Day

This is Kanako:

She's super happy because she's going to buy this crazy property on Oyster Bay!

It's only about 5 miles from my house, so in Mason County terms (or Los Angeles, for that matter), we're neighbors-- sweet!

The property comes with an insanely beautiful bamboo forest..

..which is probably where we'll have our Sacred Womyns' Spirit Circle and do naked yoga underneath the full moon. Speaking of (nearly) naked yoga, I just started going to Birkram, aka 'HOT', yoga classes here in Oly. The instructor is a very scantily clad, extremely sweaty Swiss (Austrian? Russian?) man named Anatole. He says 'Yes, yes, wery beauteefulll Sarah. Try to grab your fot more.' He says 'fot' instead of 'foot'! It's really intense.

Well, well.. look who's in town! It's the original surfing Serbian, Stefan Simikich. He surprised Olympia by swinging into town for a couple of days.

We checked out the inside of the house that sits on Kanako's future property, it's an old brick beauty that has been thoroughly ransacked by time, squatters, and barn owls:

Stefan's like, 'hmm.. should I clean my room?'

There's a boathouse too..

..I can't wait for our Totten Inlet canoe races and celebratory oyster bbqs!!

I can see why she's so stoked on this project. You can imagine how beautiful the house will be like when it's restored... and there's wisteria everywhere:

Way to go, Kanako. And Stefan, we'll see you in October at your Reef photo show!!