Friday, May 11, 2007

Working the Un-Jobs

Coming up in July is an important anniversary for me. It's my 3rd year of not having a 'regular' job! I can't believe it. When I took the super-scary leap of faith right before I moved to Los Angeles, the one that says 'no more mind-numbing servitude.. I will paint every day', I have to admit: even I was skeptical. But it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

In the past, I've been a server, a driver, a boxer, a stuffer, an entertainer, a writer, a watcher, an opinon-giver, a stocker, a cleaner, a button-pusher, a number-cruncher, a pourer, a teacher, a scrubber, a deliverer, a roadie, a folder, a typist, an opener, and a closer. I've worn a bow-tie, an apron, a nametag, and pulled my hair back. I've worked part-time, under-the-table, weekends, holidays, breakfast, swing shift, nights and for free. I've sold jellybeans, removed graffiti, and booked strippers. I've worked with wolves and with young girls. I think maybe I do miss wearing the bow-tie a bit.

Somehow this guy convinced me to do some temp work, as mentioned in the last post:

I use this..

..and make these..

..and this pile too:

Then I go work on these..

..and fold some of these:

I head home and walk these..

..and feed these:

I like my work.