Friday, September 21, 2012


20 years ago today:

My 17th birthday. First guitar, a bright red cheap-o Yamaha from local music store MUSIC6000. Oversized striped shirt, ankh necklace(!), tight black jeans, and I'm guessing Converse low-tops or fake Doc Martens. We used to drive up to Seattle in Karla's beat-up old Subaru hatchback and hit the University District: high school kids on a mission for records, tshirts, weird jewelry. Blasting Mudhoney's You Got It/Keep It Outta My Face. The best part of this picture? As my friend Adam pointed out.. I didn't even know how to put the strap on the right way. How does this thing work?!

Today, I'm much the same. I almost faltered when someone asked me how old I was: "Twenty-Seven". Ha! I tried the mantra 'Treat Yourself'.. very difficult for a Virgo, I think. So I went into town and bought so much delicious food and bevs for my friends who are coming over for the end-of-summer bbq tomorrow. And then I met up with one of my favorite friends, Michelle, and ate seaweed salad and crab and spicy tuna and sake. I always learn something from Michelle. Tonight? Just bummin' around Kamilche. Feels good.

P.S. Thanks Mom and Dad for the guitar!