Sunday, September 2, 2012

Treasure Hunt

I'm turning 37 in a few weeks. Wild! And thus, my parents are finally bugging me to clear out some of the millions of boxes of junk I've squirreled away at their house. I barely scratched the surface the other day; its a rather overwhelming task. Piles of journals and photographs, old tapes, some backpacks from high school still stuffed with homework?! The journals, eh -- they're going in the fireplace. Some of these other gems, however, are hall-of-fame worthy:

This was from an album I put together as a 9-year-old, titled 'YEAR OF '84: DRAWINGS BY SARAH UTTER'. If you zoom in, you can see that my interests and subject matter haven't changed much.

And here I am, bothering my cat Olive in.. maybe 2000? I recognize the purple wall from my favorite apartment ever on Capitol Way. I lived by myself for three years there. Mysteriously, I never received an electric bill. My neighbor accidentally washed a baby possum in the basement laundry. We had a few earthquakes. As I sit now, Olive the Cat is snoring peacefully behind me, nearly 15 years old.