Thursday, September 13, 2012

Meme America

Today I was hanging with my new awesome studio landlady and printmaker extraordinaire, Jami Heinricher, when we somehow landed on the subject of 'business people'. And how we're both artists, highly driven and organized types that lie just outside-the-border of Going For It. (Whatever that means. Its actually a terrible term I picked up from an older, arrogant man when I was 22 years old. "Sarah, I've often wondered, I mean.. why haven't you really gone for it?". This was in relation to my work as a guitar player/frontperson; the man owned a renowned record label and I SUPPOSE was backhanding me some sort of 'compliment'. Complete with awesome age/gender power play = good job dude. I'll always remember that I am Going For It Every Day, on my own terms, thanks to you.) Ok.. sorry, long aside! I really need to start exercising more, it tamps down that sort of thing.

Jami and I talked about our mutual love for the making of things, and not for the 'business', i.e. the promoting, selling, shipping, organizing, databasing, whole dry world of being in charge of one's own product. And how, as intelligent self-made people, we are acutely aware of what a foolish biz decision it is. To just be the artist. To be a slave to nothing except your own free time, and your own perfectionistic worry of wasting any minute of it.

And she pointed out how I kind-of accidentally invented a proto-meme. With Reading is Sexy, an enigma that I am so, so grateful for (and major props to my business loving, savvy, awesome pals at for making it happen for me since 2005!). These pictures are just a small, small sampling of the bootleggery that is available all aboard the S.S. World Wide Web. I used to care a lot. Don't anymore. Just happy that I get to paint pictures of owls and listen to music and play music and run my time on my own terms. I think that's GOING FOR IT, at least it is in my book

ed note: I actually went as an 'Artist' for Halloween in 5th grade. I wore weird tights, a giant paint-splattered shirt AND a beret. I've been dedicated to my craft for years!