Friday, September 7, 2012

Manifest Fondue Pots

This summer in Kamilche has been, without a doubt, K-I-L-L-E-R. Refer to earlier posts in June and July to hear me complain about our region's late bloom of blue skies/sunny paradise.. but once summer finally started here in mid-August, its just been a show-stopping/no-holds-barred heaven. Allow me to illustrate:

The Wild Wolves of Kamilche, Washington! Our daily woods-walk meditation.

And Dear Sweet Universe, thank you for gifting me this new art studio. Absurdly dreamy.

Today: Front yard Puget Sound magic!

Last night: Ringo the Destroyer yawning at the Magic Hour. He could care less!

Oh.. sorry! ANOTHER CRAZY STUDIO SHOT! (its just too perfect).

Wednesday: This was so fun. Fed X killed it. I was rather Sloppy Joe on bass, but 4 brand new songs and one practice for a show? C'mon, cut me some slack.

And when I tilt my head skyward, its all an infinite sea of crushing blue, framed by the just-bitten pre-autumn leaves, preparing for their all-too-soon (at least to this 'adult' lover of summer; as a kid/teen/early adult I had nothing but love for dark dark winter) fall descent. It gives me all sorts of confusing feelings. When the seasons change. My skin is sensitive and I well-up at day-to-day sights like the subtle shifting of afternoon light.

*good news! Ian the Spiv and Chain + the Gang are coming out here monday morning to film a music video aboard our canoe, set out to sea in Totten Inlet. Scene Report to be filed soon!