Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This Northwest summer is SLAYING me. It is so perfect, each day somehow sunnier and more beautiful than the one before it, I keep scratching my head and muttering 'how is this possible? how?!' The light has shifted, maple leaves are starting to (slowly) fall to the ground, and I just want to live in this crisp blue sunshine world forever. JT tells me if that's the case, I'd better move to San Diego!

We finally got the mighty Lukens Tree Preservation dudes to come out here and give the front yard a makeover. Watching Greg swing around on cables one-arming a chainsaw was ridiculous! It was like a lumberjack circus routine. And the results were perfect: LIGHT + SUNSHINE. Oh.. ahhhhhh. My heart. It swells.

Ringo! Jerk cat. Taking down a hummingbird, really? On one hand, I am completely awed at the spry serial-killer moves of this 15-year-old (originally named Jacques Cousteau, by me, and promptly re-named Ringo, by my old friend and roommate Jesspeleta who 'refused to live with a cat named Jacques' and besides, we already had two fish -- Lennon and McCartney -- in the apartment), but on the other hand: A HUMMINGBIRD! My favorite magical little weirdos. I have to admit, it was pretty cool to be able to investigate one up close.

Here's something: a show! Mid-week madness and batty good times at the Brotherhood. We have lots and lots of new songs. We should probably record them? Need to get on that. Next stop, Portland, on Sept. 14th. Playing with Hooded Hags!

...Annnnnnnnnd: JT CLIMBED MT. RAINIER! Amazing. Lifelong goal: achieved. 14,411 feet!