Monday, September 17, 2012

They Live By Nightlife

I love my 8-hour-a-week jobby-job. In fact, I'm about to head down there right now.. I will muddle, strain, shake, and garnish just for you. On top of that, I will bring you heaping plates of delicious food. When I got out of the 'service industry' (see: working super cool jobs for my friends that own local businesses.. just got bummed/exhausted by humans along the way) about 8 years ago, I said 'NEVER AGAIN'. And I had a good run! But there is something so special about this little room that I lord over twice a week. It is attached to a bustling and bright restaurant, but over in my tiny area, its all glow-y and sweet. Like a clubhouse? Or a little orb of comfort swathed in dark pink light.

 Oh, hi! Welcome.

Quality Burrito = Land of Fantastic Signage.

And my own scratchy mix of upper and lowercase! Gonna re-do this whole sucker in the next few weeks for fall/winter.

Fresh fruit. Yes! This is a Rose's-Lime-Free-Zone. That little muddler has caused me some grief, but acupuncture and eating basil all the time helps.

QB, built upon the ashes of China Town, a restaurant staple of 4th Ave. since the 60's, and a mysterious/crippling drinking spot for my friends back in the day. Always the last ditch, why not? These little pagoda lights are the last souvenirs.

Pretty sweet. Pretty and sweet.

If you're ever in downtown Oly, come find me. If you happen to land in the QB Lounge during my 8-hour workweek, I promise to treat you right!