Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yacht Club

This is no time to hide out indoors. Even as I write this I am nervously looking out the window, typing as fast as I can. Every minute left of summer counts! Yesterday I FINALLY got to go sailing. I've never been on a sailboat, despite a small pocket of sailors sprinkled throughout my family tree. The wind was whipping, the skies were blue, so I called my pal Pete and it was ON:

The Vagabond 14', docked in Nikki's front yard.

Cap'n Pete and first mate J-Tro, preparing for our voyage.

And then, sails up, we were at sea. The wind was crazy, I was nervous, but luckily Pete grew up in New England and is an expert seaman!

Perfect, perfect day.

Pete checking the clouds for squalls.

I got put in the 'Splash Seat'. Absolutely soaked, head-to-toe, after our maiden voyage!

The Savage Sailors of the Salish Sea! My friends are so inspiring. So Pete can sail and build beautiful houses and rip on guitar, J-Tro can climb mountains and identify trees and rip on guitar, Nikki can cut pieces of black paper into beautiful imagery, Greg (the Vagabond's owner) can rappel from giant maple trees with a chainsaw and ALSO paint crazy paintings. NW punks = ruling it.